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What is a testosterone pellet for females?

HealthWhat is a testosterone pellet for females?

Women’s Wellness Center has long been dedicated to helping women restore and maintain their vitality and health with healthy and natural testosterone pellet solutions. Making sure that you are proactive and supplement your hormones at the beginning of a decline in hormonal balance is essential for maintaining health and vigor as we get older In the Women’s Wellness Center, we opt to prescribe bioidentical hormonal hormones. This means that they have a similar structure and molecular form to the hormones in the body’s natural system. Bioidentical hormones are offered in various forms, such as topical creams, hormone patches, and vaginal inserts, lozenges, or pills. Another option for hormonal delivery is the hormone pellet subcutaneously, which is the topic of this article. To get a comprehensive understanding of the use of female hormones in general read the comprehensive piece Perimenopause and Hormone Health which explains menopausal changes and discusses common issues regarding the treatment with hormones.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy?

After deciding to try hormone therapy, you must make another one to make: which one is best suited to you? For certain women using hormone pellet therapy, it will be considered to be the best method for delivering hormones. The unique procedure involves three small pellets of testosterone or estradiol, each around the size of rice grains, and are placed under the skin, and into the tissues of the hip that are fatty and the hormone is slowly released straight into the bloodstream. The straightforward procedure in the office is only a couple of minutes, beginning with the numbing treatment of the skin and a tiny cut which requires only a tiny sterilization strip and there are no stitches.

Subcutaneous pellets function as a reservoir for hormones that allows the body to receive a constant dose throughout the night and day. The pellets are slowly absorbed until they completely dissolve and do not leave any residue. In general, women will notice that pellets reduce symptoms for about 3-5 months. Due to the effective and gradual delivery system of hormone pellets, the risk of side consequences is much less common than those with injectable hormones or oral as well as a lower risk of issues resulting from inadequate absorption, which can be a problem when using hormone creams, gels patches, or creams.

Pellets of bioidentical hormones are FDA controlled, however, they are not accepted for use in the United States. The therapy of hormone pellets is used by females and males for many years across Europe and Australia and this has resulted in the development of numerous scientific studies about the advantages and security of this treatment. The use of hormone pellets is utilized more frequently in the US as women seek an easier and more natural method of receiving hormone therapy.

With the help of female hormone pellet technology, which hormones can be administered?

Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Testosterone is an essential hormone for women, producing physiological effects via androgen receptors that are found in all female body issues the including breast, heart blood vessels, the intestines brain, lungs and nervous system, spinal cord bladder and uterus, the ovaries, vaginal tissue, endocrine glands as well as skin, bone joints, and fatty tissue. Men have higher levels of circulating levels of testosterone than females, nevertheless, testosterone is the most active sex hormone that can be found in the female body throughout her lifetime [22. Testosterone is considered to be a male hormone, thus it is often overlooked as an essential hormone that plays a role in female biology. This is unfortunate because no consideration has been given to the lower quality of life or adverse health effects for women who start to exhibit symptoms due to a decline in testosterone around mid-life. The body of a woman’s testosterone production peaks around the 20s, but it gradually decreases dropping to approximately 50% by the age of 40. The time when women are most likely to experience symptoms like an increase in abdominal fat, loss of hair as well as tiredness, brain fog, a decrease in sex energy, less orgasm, and irritability. Headaches, depression, and a general feeling of unwell. The majority of women attribute these issues to the natural decline in vitality as they age. However, these signs indicate something is wrong with our bodies, and paying consideration to the health of hormones can enhance our health and our quality of life as we get older.

Treatment with testosterone replacement for women suffering from symptoms can boost mood, libido gas, energy level, and feelings of well-being tonally, the documented health benefits include reduced heart risk and breast cancer risk reduction as well as increased bone density. Testosterone therapy is beneficial for patients with symptoms starting ten years or more prior to menopausal symptoms [5,6,7,8 98,9,14.

It is vital to know that, in both women, testosterone is transformed in the tissues of the body into estradiol. The amount of conversion is not quantifiable since the conversion occurs within cells. It immediately binds to its receptor. It has been proven that breast cancer patients treated with testosterone pellet therapy, in conjunction with medications that block the conversion of testosterone into estradiol, experienced relief from menopausal symptoms using testosterone therapy by itself [14]. So, for certain women, treatment with testosterone pellets may be all that’s required to treat symptoms. In the case of others, the combination of progesterone and estradiol will prove beneficial. Every woman will be individually assessed and suitable choices will be considered.

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