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The future of home entertainment

EntertainmentThe future of home entertainment

The revival of the show’s dominance on the screen could be the most positive thing that’s occurred in home entertainment technology in the last 10 years. As we sink in our sofas to watch docs on Netflix and get tense at Game of Thrones finales, we’ll need home theater devices (again)

that make each scene or playlist sound better and appear better. In 2017 alone, home entertainment expenditure in the US was more than $20 billion. From your sound system to the furniture you park on every night the technology that surrounds us at home is expanding at an alarming rate. Here are some ideas for home entertainment that you can notice in your living room before the self-driving car arrives.

Live entertainment in AR/VR gets a 5G BOOST

In the next stage of AR/VR technology, sports fans might be able to view games from the point of view of a quarterback or experience as if they’re Messi hitting a winning PK. With 5G, viewing live sporting events at home using AR/VR will soon become more realistic and speedier. For instance, downloading a two-hour film in 3.6 seconds, and at 100 times the speed of LTE 4G, it’s pretty speedy. 

As was evident during the 2017 Winter Olympics, AR/VR applications during live events have before been a disappointment and were hampered by noticeable slowdowns and low resolution. However, with 5G expected in the near future… it seems it’s now that this technological advancement has the capability to fill the gaps in latency and allow headsets as well as AR glasses to feel like we’re in a sporting event or concert in the way we’ve always thought they would.

Even the furniture in your home is becoming more sophisticated

The theater in your home is no longer limited to the drama that’s taking place on the screen. Upholstered furniture is being incorporated into the scene as well. Think about this Sobrino Smart Coffee Table fitted with a movie-night refrigerator as well as touch screens to manage lighting and sound. 

Even your cushion can be subject to this upgrade in theater technology. Motion-sensor-equipped couches react to every explosion that explodes in the upcoming Avengers film. The question is, can someone make one with grips so that we can actually hold our seats?

From the remote to AI’s voice domination

Although it seems like Alexa is already in our homes Smart speaker and speech recognition has been in use for just only a few seconds. Like the remote that saved Americans from having to turn a knob on their TV each occasion, they want to change the channel and eventually, voice recognition will make it unnecessary to use a keyboard by using the Roku remote,like some kind of wild beast. 

Half of all searches are predicted to be done using voice in 2020 and a clicker that can browse through Netflix will be primarily employed to press a button just to talk to your device or talk to your friend Alexa. With advances in voice technology getting more advanced conversation and control using AI-powered speaker systems and TVs will change from simple inquiries that request songs to full-on discussions about which genre will be the perfect mood for your next house gathering.

What’s old is made new again (and better)

From hi-fi recorders to typewriters powered by batteries, to stylish headphones made of analog the redesigned technology of the past is sure to in its quest to make its way into our homes -and entertainment is on the forefront. With the number of internet-connected “things”

predicted to increase up to 50 billion in 2020 (seriously) The old-fashioned technology and media that we allowed to go to dust is now still relevant today thanks to the internet, wireless connections, and cloud media servers high-end sound bars priced at $1K, HD TVs, and modern Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Yes, the older systems worked, but the new make ones this technology relevant once more. Don’t wait for the comeback of computers that

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