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List of Top 10 IT Companies in Dubai and their Services

ServicesList of Top 10 IT Companies in Dubai and their Services

In the field of IT, there are myriad areas that one can pick from. Starting from basic data entry to sophisticated back-end programming IT Companies Dubai is the most sought-after company of this century.

In the past few years,Dubai has built its name as a leader in economic development and the use of cutting-edge goods and solutions. There is no doubt that Dubai the UAE particularly Dubai is now one of the cities that are growing the fastest across the globe.

Information is sought out on the internet rather than traditional methods such as newspapers radio, or podcasts. Electronic devices have become a daily routine and it’s beneficial in certain ways that they provide up-to-date information to visitors.

IT firms in Dubai have embraced the new concept that the web can disseminate information at a greater size. Certain of these businesses have grown into multi-million-dollar companies that are expanding at a fast pace. Each business is unique in its way and generates thousands of jobs, not just within Dubai however, but in neighbors.

If you’re a new professional who is in a particular area, then working within Dubai is the best career option you could make with minimal expenditure. Companies are eager to take on IT-related professionals to fill various positions.

Looking for online solutions in Dubai is very crowded. This makes sorting, analyzing, and searching for a reliable brand from the hundreds of businesses in Dubai difficult to accomplish. If you’re thinking about outsourcing your work to other companies, We have identified the top that is IT-related in Dubai.

Top 10 IT Companies in Dubai 2022

A complete list of the top IT firms registered in Dubai is listed below. Get a free estimate from each firm or go to their Careers page to check out the most recent job opportunities.

Cyber Infrastructure We make IT feasible

If you are thinking of how, you can develop and design your website, CIS is the best option you could make. Their expert developers can provide various types of development services that includes more than 12 years of expertise in the IT sector.

CIS is the top company that is used to develop Artificial Intelligence. CIS is also a trusted source of knowledge in each area that can guide you to meet your technology needs.

  • Excellent services provided by CIS
  • Mobile Apps and Games
  • Web, BI/AI Crypto, AWS
  • Design for CAD/UI/UX
  • SEO, Digital Marketing, and other Digital Tools
  • VR/AR IoT, Wearables, and VR

Red Spider – Web and Art Design

Red Spider Company is not solely focused on Web art design and web development but has also established itself as a leader within its Digital Marketing industryIn Dubai. Among the most reputable IT businesses within Dubai, Red Spider has built its reputation over just a few years.

It has completed more than 100 multinational projects that have been completed with 100% customer satisfaction. They also provide premium web hosting services that are cost-effective and superior to competitors.

Red Spider provides the best services. Red Spider

  • Dubai Web Design and Web Development
  • Logo, Graphics design, and Profile Design
  • CMS along with an E-Commerce Solution
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Marketing
  • Domains and Web Hosting
  • Business Consultancy

Freebies Graphics Resources for Dubai Ad Agencies

it is a different software development company in founded in the middle of UAE with 100+ happy Dubai Ad Agencies in recognized worldwide industries. Freebies are ideal for Custom created websites since their employees can better comprehend the needs of each client and what they need.

They make use of traditional methods of gathering data from customers using a piece of paper. They sound outdated, however, they’re the best way to comprehend the requirements of a customer. Freebies aim to provide top-quality services to their clients that will increase their revenue by providing international web development standards.

Excellent services provided by GO-Gulf

  • The development of custom websites and the design
  • Security and Hosting service provider
  • Website development for E-commerce and Business
  • Business Consultancy
  • SEO as well as Web Analytics

Careem Let’s Go

Careem is a well-known taxi driver service operating across 13 countries. Based on the overall IT-based environment, career opportunities are constantly seeking dedicated people who will best serve their company. Careem is also looking to expand its operations across different countries.

The Careem company began its IT Services in Dubai in the year 2010 and is now operating across more than 80 cities in the world. Careem has truly revolutionized the IT as well as the transport industry. It is aiming to offer services for both clients and customers. Careem is without a doubt one of the most reputable IT firms located in Dubai that you might want to consider applying to.

Excellent services provided by Careem Let’s Go

  • Big Data Engineer and Data Analyst
  • Software Engineering
  • Machine learning to program
  • Community Management
  • Agile Coach

RS Advertising Design Agency – Enterprise Software Development

RSi Advertising is a globally well-known full-cycle software and web development company in Dubai that focuses on specific technologies. Established in 2007 by Intellect Soft, the company is helping companies reach their objectives in this highly competitive market by providing greater impact.

Intellect has over 10 years of experience operating in the market which has more than 500 loyal customers and six offices around the world. Intellect is the only IT firm that is completely dedicated to Modern day technology like Block Chain. FinTech, augmented reality, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

The Best Services provided by RSi Advertising

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Testing and Testing for Software and
  • IT Consulting
  • UI/ UX Services
  • Enterprise Software Development and DevOps

Future Technologies – Digital Product Agency

Future Technologies is a well-established company with a focus on Mobile App Development and Gaming software. Their developers are more proficient with IOS as well as Android App development. They also helpwith the management of your Application for Google as well as the Apple Play store.

Another great thing about India is its passion for gaming. Their game developers are motivated to create high-end games using 3D/2D graphics and VR technology experiences for business.

The best services offered by future technologies

  • Mobile and Console Games
  • Web Development and Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • UX/ UI Analysis
  • Graphic Designing

Sunflower Lab

This Lab is a US-based software company with offices in various cities within the UAE. Sunflower offers top-quality software across a variety of industry verticals and business domains. Since 2010 Sunflower Lab is dedicated to serving its clients in the hundreds, from start-ups to Fortune 5000 companies.

Excellent Services offered by Lab

  • Web Solutions
  • Mobile Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Dubai Web Design Ad Agency in Dubai Ad Agency in Dubai

A fantastic Networking company that is guaranteed to help your business grow across vast areas. Avensia Tech Solutions are motivated to offer you the top client-server software that is focused on Networking Management security, surveillance as well as wireless technology.

Top Services offered through Dubai Web Design Agency

  • Networking and Switches
  • IT Servers, Laptops, and Desktop
  • Wi-Fi (or Network Access Point)
  • PBX or PABX
  • IT products and equipment


This is working to transform the digital marketing strategy as well as the branding process across Dubai. Branex specialized in Print Designing, Portfolio Management, Custom Logo design, Website development, and design. The company offers high-quality, all-inclusive marketing communications between clients and their customers.

Excellent Services offered

  • Brand Identity and Corporate Identity
  • Profile of the company and Broachers
  • SEO-related services
  • Development of E-commerce Websites
  • Mobile Application


its is solely focused solely on Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing. Aratech offers amazing results with Google ranking factors, with low charges per month, which can boost your brand or company.

Aratech is also an expert with PPC, Social Media Marketing E-commerce products, as well as the submission of press releases. The firm claims they have a thorough understanding of Google algorithms and factors that affect ranking which will assist them in ranking faster in the Google SERP.

Excellent Services offered by Aratech

  • Multichannel Marketing
  • Cloud Business Apps for Businesses
  • Cloud Hosting
  • SEO as well as Digital Marketing
  • Designing and developing websites

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