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ServicesBrake pads Inspection & Replacement Services

Make sure your brake pads service system is operating safely and efficiently by making visiting Jiffy Lube for the exchange of your brake fluid. 

The service we offer includes a visual examination of your brake system, replacing it with new fluid that is compatible with or exceeds your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications, and the proper disposal of the fluid that was used.

What Does Our Brake Service Include?

Our highly trained brake experts will check repairs, inspect, and, when required change your system of brakes to make sure it’s operating effectively and efficiently. Our repair and service for your brakes include

  • Replacing worn brake pads, brake shoes
  • Surface your brake drums or drums
  • Refilling your brake fluid  is

The Importance of Scheduling a Brake Service?

Brakes are constructed of materials and components that wear out with time and must be examined and repaired and replaced on a regular basis.

When brake maintenance and brake inspections are neglected, it could cause costly repair and replacement, and an unavoidable inability to stop your car.

How Often Do You Need New Brakes?

We recommend that you have your brakes checked at least every year or every 15,000 miles. It’s always good to refer to your owner’s guide to find the recommendations of your car’s manufacturer.

Brake Inspection

To avoid costly repairs and maintain your peace of mind start by regularly checking your brakes. Jiffy Lube(r) offers an examination of your brake system, determines the condition of the brake pads, and offers recommendations for service. Get in touch with us to get more details about an inspection of your brakes for free including a tire turn.

Brake Replacement

Are you ready to put your feet down? Jiffy Lube provides brake replacement without having to interrupt your routine. No matter if you require pads or shoes, rotors or drums, the Jiffy Lube(r) brake service will help get your brake system back to factory specifications.

What We Do

In accordance with the findings of the results of the Jiffy Lube brake inspection, technicians will provide service and replacement of brake system components according to the specifications provided by your manufacturer.

How It Works

When you push the brake pedal, it is when the hydraulic liquid, often called brake fluid pressured through the master cylinder.

 The fluid travels along the line of brakes to the cylinders close to the brakes on each wheel. There are two main types of brake systems: drum brakes and disc brakes.

Disc brakes, which are the most popular brake system, comprised of a disc also known as a rotor brake caliper, and the pad. As the brake pedal gets pressed and the hydraulic fluid flows through the lines, which causes a caliper that presses the pad on the disc.

 The pressure of the pad on the disc creates friction leading to the vehicle slowing. Drum brakes use a similar, but unique, system.

Drum brakes comprise a drum for the brake as well as a brake shoe. If the pedal for the brakes is pulled the cylinder presses brake shoes that have brake linings on the inside drum’s surface creating friction. This causes the car to cause that the car slows down.

How Often

If you’re hearing unusual noises or encountering unusual stops it’s best to have your brakes examined immediately.

 If not, it’s advised to inspect your brakes by a regular rotation of the tires about every two or three times a year, in accordance with the majority of manufacturers’ guidelines.

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