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HealthBest Hair Transplant Surgery in the World

Unfortunately, he’s 100% correct in hair transplant surgery. The world is messy. In the past 10 years around there’s been a flurry of activity within the industry and dime-a dozen operators have sprung across the globe. Anyone can get in a pair of gloves, take out the scalpel, and begin slicing away at someone’s scalp.

Don’t believe me when I say that I’m exaggerating. I’ve heard a few horrifying horror stories and witnessed the evidence. However, today you’re in the right place. Since I’m about to provide you with the list I have of clinics and surgeons all over the world. Which ones do I feel comfortable sending my most trusted friend to?

What Brought You Here?

Through a mix of research and consultation, you might have realized that it’s the right time to consider a hair transplant procedure. There are other options to consider you’ve spoken with specialists and done your best to keep the hair that’s clinging to your hair. But are you able to trust your hair’s remaining follicles to anyone? Of course not.

The market for hair transplants is fiercely competitive that is populated by a wide spectrum of players, from the sloppy “backyard” practitioner to full-time, well-educated professionals with years of expertise. Being someone who’s had 13 hair transplants I am able to say that I’ve seen everything… as well as have experienced some of it myself. Do you need some recommendations? I’ve got them I’m sure you’ll be pleased when I say I’m certain I am aware of what I’m talking about.

Learn this advice from Guy who’s had 13 hair Transplant Surgeries

I have had the privilege of speaking with several of the surgeons listed below and have placed my own scalp in the competent hands of a few of them. I’ve been on the ground. I studied, read, spoke with, visited, and met with numerous hair transplant Houston surgeons and witnessed their procedures from afar. 

The doctors on this list have been, to my knowledge highly competent and worth speaking with directly. They will give you an honest evaluation and, perhaps most important they will inform you of what you require to hear and not necessarily what you would like to hear.

It could be discovered that hair-transplant surgery isn’t the best option for you at this moment, or you’re not the best suitable candidate at all. It could be that you’ll need more extensive treatment than you initially thought was necessary. If you go with one of the doctors on the following list, trust my word that they will tell you the honest, unfiltered truth.

To ensure complete openness, I’m going to declare that I am direct via Spex Hair with a number of the clinics below I’ve found through my personal experience to be amazing skilled ethical, trustworthy, and reliable. My role is to serve as an advocate for the patient and advisor. 

If you’ve heard anything about me you’ll realize that my main attention is on patients and the things that are most beneficial for them. I’m able to speak with a variety of people (before and after their treatment) the feedback that I get from them informs the way I recommend physicians and practices. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many patients from many clinics in the last 15 years.

The World’s Best Hair Loss Surgeons & Clinics

Doctor. Ali is doing remarkably impressive work in his clinic. Fenix Dr. Ali consistently provides customers with exceptional results while giving his patients the highest level of care and the attention that is expected of an IAHRS-accredited member.

Dr. Ali dedicates himself to each aspect of the procedure and is extremely involved, ensuring the optimal outcome for each patient he treats. He performs the complete procedure himself, including punching and extracting, examining the grafts that have been sorted, creating locations, as well as placing the transplants treatments.

His name is fairly new to the field, however, his experience has been in hair transplantation for a number of years with no limitations. Highly recommend a surgeon.

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Ali by:

·               Visit our website and schedule your appointment.

·               Direct email us at:

·               Dial this number (994)493-9344 and book an appointment.

·               Follow the address and Visit us: 23672 BirtcherDr, Lake Forest, CA 92630, California City, CA, United States, California

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